Friday, 17 February 2012

New Delivery!

Things over the past couple weeks have been pretty slow to be honest, although I've almost got the website complete in terms of layout and the photographs now. just need to try and create something eye-catching for the homepage and write a little on there and shouldn't be too far hopefully.

Apart from that and sorting out a few other bits and pieces i decided to take the plunge and order some new fancy backdrops! Stupidly i ordered them to my home address, thinking that they'd be able to go in the car but appears that wont be the case. Have to rent a van from B&Q later to drop them off to the studio, Lesson learnt... Colours include: Crimson, Chestnut, Sky Blue & Champagne. Can't wait to see what they look like, going to do another shoot with Emilio on sunday so will get a chance to use them there, keep a lookout for the photos - I'll be posting again soon!



  1. Do you do photos for dancers? Just interested thats all...

  2. I haven't but i would love to try! Maybe in a dance hall with some mirrors and take some of the studio lighting over, get some real dramatic shots that way and would freeze the action beautifully! fancy doing it sometime?