Monday, 20 February 2012

Hair shoot and update

Been pretty busy this weekend, Saturday i was down the studio with Tristan cleaning up the old vinyl backdrop ready to sell, which the buyer came there and then and took it away for us which was quite convenient. After, we were fixing the new roller system in place, now it's less hassel and far more secure than having the backdrop stands that we were originally using. Been a bit of a learning curve really.

That night i covered the night down Arc Bar - Intelligent Beats, took far too many photos (close to 400) and now have to sort them out today, not really looking forward to it, should probably have been more sober and less trigger happy...

Anyway another shoot with Emilio on the Sunday, this featured Helena. Just had a quick browse through the photos and edited my favorite. Really happy with the paper backdrops, only used the crimson so far, need to arrange some more shoots! Feel free to leave comments with feedback :)


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